CST group is a multi-services enterprise involved in the insurance and financial products.

Our team of professionals is totally dedicated to provide the best available service.

Who We Are

Our services extend from retail and trade credit insurance management (third party administrators), to marketing of financial products, finance of retail and corporate; insurance consultancy and brokerage.

Retail Credit insurance

- Credit Insurance is a HEDGE made by banks, Financial Institutions and Traders against credit losses.
- Credit Insurance provides PROTECTION for the repayment of loans made by Banks, financial institutions or traders, following the borrower’s insolvency or PAYMENT DEFAULT.

Trade Credit Insurance

Trade credit insurance provides protection of accounts receivable (sales to buyers on credit) from losses due to credit risks, such as default, insolvency and bankruptcy

CST for Loans

CST for Loans is a commercial vehicle aimed to lend small amounts of money (micro loans) to small entrepreneurs and consumers. "CST for Loans" is also involved in the lending to small enterprises.

Installments and insurance - insurance brokerage

INSTALLMENTS AND INSURANCE Installments and Insurance Lebanon was created in 2001, with the Aim of providing personalized services in the general insurance field

Bad Debts Collection

Companies, retailers and small businesses who want to focus on their core business have understood the relevance of externalizing the management of their unpaid bills or bad debts.