CST Egypt


ST Egypt was established in 2008, with the aim of providing credit reinsurance support, coupled with professional expertise in the management of such credit granted by banks and financial organizations. CST Egypt also manages all kind of consumer loans, beginning with selection and ending with bad debts recoveries.

Credit insurance, allows a true and real “TRANSFER OF RISK” allowing the bank to rest safe in case of payment default. Hence the effective risk is in fact borne by the insurance company. CST Egypt acts as a perfect go-between between the bank, the insurance company, the participating merchants and finally the consumer or end-user.

CST Egypt acts as the back-office for parties involved in such financing schemes: The bank, the insurance company, the trader, etc… Within our system, the credit operation is followed since the time the credit application is filled by the consumer and up to the time when the latter has totally reimbursed his loan.

CST Egypt makes the necessary inquires and evaluates the credit risk (credit scoring), it also takes in charge the daily follow-up of payment delays, and eventually the claim process and recovery in case of payment default

Full credit management third party administrator functions

  • Credit investigation
  • Credit scoring
  • Debts monitoring and follow-up
  • Monthly promissory notes collection
  • Bad debts recoveries
  • Full range of statistics
  • Statistics analysis
  • Credit insurance loss adjusters

List of Insurance Companies using CST services in Egypt

  • Arab Misr Insurance Group (GIG)
  • Iskan Insurance Company
  • United Insurance

List of major customers

  • Bavarian Group
  • BLOM Bank Egypt
  • Rizkallah Group
  • Sanita Egypt
  • Unipack Egypt
  • Dabur Amla
  • Cannex

Work Space

Our Location

Object: Credit insurance administration and bad debts collection

Company’s Name: Credit Systems & Techniques Egypt SAE

Legal Status: Société Anonyme

Address: B25, El Dokki Street Giza - Egypt

Telefax: +202 2 37608975 | +202 2 37608983 |+202 2 37608985

Email: cst-eg@cst-eg.com

Legal Representatives:

Mr. Saleh Mohsen Srour (Managing Director)

Mr. Maher Darwish (Chairman)

Mrs. Gladys Chahine (Financial Manager)


Blom Bank - Egypt 

Auditor Fouad Elwatan - Consultants - Accountants & Auditors – Independent Member of BKR International