Ajel For Finance (Jordan)


Esstablished early 2019 Ajel is completing the range of services offered by the CST group of companies to the Jordanian Market.

Ajel For Finance is a Micro credit vehicle aimed to lend small amounts of money to small entrepreneurs and consumers.

How does Ajel For Finance operate?

Ajel For Finance targets loan applicants such as junior employees, pre-bankable workers, self-employed, government employees, army personnel and small business owners.

Loans range from JOD 500 to JOD 10,000 and are aimed to finance small business expansion or improvement, home renovation, used car acquisition, vacation packages, home appliances and furniture etc.

Loans are made directly to the individual, or the company, and through merchants.

Ajel For Finance Advantages

  • Large database with Credit history from CST Jordan
  • Long term reliable relationship with investigation companies.
  • Approval or rejection of loans within acceptable timeframe.
  • Door to door collection and telephone follow-up
  • Several Lawyers engaged for recoveries

What are Repayment Guarantees

  • Credit Insurance for all loans
  • Life Insurance for borrowers
  • Promissory Notes signed by borrowers
  • Vehicle Mortage + Total Loss Insurance for car loans
  • Additional guarantees on case-by-case basis: salary domiciliation, real estate ownershop deed, vehicle license ...

Why loans granted by "Ajel For Finance" are secured

  • CST Jordan track record
  • Investigation.
  • Scoring.
  • Selection.
  • Management of ongoing debts; Daily follow-up on delays, screening ...
  • Payment defaults are covered by Credit Insurance.
  • Penalty Charges on Payment delays
  • CST Group reputation with banks, insurers and reinsurers.


  • SME's Small Loans
  • Micro-Finance
  • Personal Loans
  • Car Loans
  • Consumer Loans

Our Location

Address: 1st floor - Building # 32 - Queen Rania Al Abdallah STR. Sport City - Amman Al Madina Al Riadyah – Amman

Phone: +962-6-5100080

P.O. BOX: 963287 Amman 11196 Jordan

Fax: +962-6-5165006

Website: www.cst.com.lb

Object: Lending Company

Company's Name: Ajel For Finance

Legal Status L.T.D.

Date Established 2019

Legal Representatives:

Mr. Joseph Chahine

Mr. Mohammed Yassin


Mohammed Yassin (Chairman)

Joseph chahine (Vise Chairman)


Capital Bank

Auditor: FKI First Key Indicator


Mtre. Samer Nusseir