Chairman’s Letter

Saleh Mohsen Srour

Chairman General Manager

Life will rise again

On the  4th of  August 2020, the biggest explosion Beirut has ever known took place, causing at least 190 deaths, 6,500 injuries, billions in property and commercial damages, and leaving an estimated 300,000 people homeless.,

The explosion was felt in several neighboring countries within a distance of 250  km (160 miles ) and detected by the US Geological Survey  as a seismic event of magnitude  3.3, and is considered one of the most powerful non nuclear explosion in history.

Two days following this disaster, the Lebanese people started removing debris and rubbles, and Life has managed to beat again,

Lebanon was not alone in this disaster; we would like to thank all our friends around the globe for their care and compassion.

One more time we have no other choice but to recover from this atrocity and get back to pull out. Again, this may have happened to get us back as one people with only one resolution: recuperation of   our beloved Lebanon.

Saleh Srour

Chairman- CST Group